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Welcome to official page of the
"Business Fair Play" Program

The 17th edition of "Business Fair Play" Programme is underway. All the companies interested in participating in this year's edition can find the Rules and Regulations of "Business Fair Play" 2014 Programme below. In case of any questions please contact your Regional Administrator or the Programme Office in Warsaw.

Edition 2013 - Conclusion XVIth edition of "Business Fair Play" Program (PL ver.)

"Business Fair Play" is the best known reliability certificate in Polish society!

The Grand Gala of the XVIth edition of the "Business Fair Play" Program took place on December 6, 2013 in the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw.

The participants of the Gala included both the Award Winners and representatives of the Polish economic and political life. 455 businesses operating in Poland applied for this year's edition and 436 of them completed it successfully, thus receiving the 2013 "Business Fair Play" Title and Certificate.

During the grand gala, those companies which in 2013 distinguished themselves in the market (by following some above the standard business principles to the benefit of their customers, business partners and employees or supporting people in need) received the highest awards - Statuettes. 27 companies were nominated for the Statuette and the Awarding Committee granted this highest prize to the following 15 companies.

"Business Fair Play 2013" Award Winners

For more details and photographs from the Gala, please visit our Website at

We have invited the representatives of all businesses which are developing and creating conditions promoting effective work and professional development for their employees. That also means businesses sensitive to the needs of the local environment, actively participating in charitable undertakings, timely meeting their liabilities towards the State Treasury, not discrediting their competitors and fulfilling their commitments.

The organiser of the program is the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy, program is an affiliate of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. The program is supported by the Minister of Economy and Marshal's from all 16 voivodships. In many voivodships the honorary patronage was assumed by representatives of regional authorities. Business support and promotion institutions, employers organisations as well as clubs and associations of entrepreneurs have been invited to cooperate - they form the team of Regional Administrators of the program.

Forms 2014

Benefits for businesses from their participation in the "Business Fair Play" Program

Recommendations of program award winners

Program verification process:

  • The program lasts all year and is implemented in two stages. The first step is taken by businesses: they must become acquainted with the Rules and Regulations [PL ver.] of the given program edition and apply for the program by filling in and sending a Declaration of Application to the address of the regional administrator's office. Then they present their activities in detail in the Questionnaire - Presentation. In the Questionnaire, businesses give written answers to such questions as:
  • Has the enterprise been in any arrears: in the repayment of credit to banks, in the payment of amounts due to contractors, towards the Tax Office or Social Insurance Institution?
  • Have there been any court disputes with employees?
  • Has the enterprise been in any arrears in the payment of employee wages?
  • Does it participate actively in charity campaigns or events?

Those and other questions which have not been mentioned above are more detailed in the questionnaires and points are awarded for individual answers. Businesses are also asked to present the appropriate documentation. An enterprise which as received the minimum of 70 out of 100 possible points during the 1st stage is nominated to the 2nd stage. The truthfulness of answers given by the business is verified by the organisers and by representatives of cooperating institutions: voivodship offices, marshal's offices, labour offices, banks, employer's organisations, Tax Offices, Social Insurance Institutions and labour inspectors (during the visitations at the 2nd stage). A business may be withdrawn from the program on the basis of e.g. a justified protest of a competitor, customer, contractor or employee. The final decisions about the award of a certificate and main prizes rests with the Awarding Committee.

The goals of the program include:

  • Promoting business ethics understood as a set of standards of reliable practices in mutual relations between entrepreneurs and customers, contractors, employees, partners as well as local communities, local and state authorities, of activities compliant with the binding law and generally accepted social norms;
  • Supporting the development of enterprises by promoting those operating in compliance with law and principles of ethics, promoting program winners in domestic and foreign markets;
  • Improving the image of Polish enterprises by promoting in the mass media those businesses which conduct their business activities reliably and in accordance with the principles of ethics;
  • Encouraging all businesses in Poland to behave ethically and introduce appropriate changes in the internal labour organisation, and to undertake training in that respect.

"Businesses Fair Play" are businesses which:

  • use fairness, reliability and loyalty in their activities,
  • are unafraid of difficult and complicated tasks,
  • are capable of satisfying customers,
  • meet excellently their liabilities towards their suppliers,
  • in which employees are teams of people who are committed, creative and satisfied with their workplace.
  • in which managers believe its to be quite natural to share the wealth gathered by their companies with others,
  • in which the social sensitivity and charity cross the generally accepted limits.

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